Political activist Ilgar Mammadov comments on the ECtHR judgment on the infringement proceedings against Azerbaijan

On 29th May, EIN organised a briefing from Ilgar Mammadov to delegates from the Committee of Ministers, to comment on the ECtHR judgment in his case. The judgment from the Grand Chamber, which had been published a few hours before the briefing, was a strong rebuke to the government of Azerbaijan for the non-implementation of the Court’s earlier judgment. 

In his video presentation, Mr Mammadov welcomed the judgment. Highlighting paragraph 189 of the text, he stated that the judgment as a whole essentially called for his acquittal.. He asked delegates to issue a Decision calling for:

1) Concrete protections for his right to stand in Parliamentary and Presidential elections; and

2) Material compensation


Furthermore, in subsequent written remarks Mr Mammadov emphasised the need for the measures under the threat of the application of Article 8 of the Council of Europe’s Statute – which involves suspension of voting rights in the Committee of Ministers or expulsion from the Organisation.

Finally, Mr Mammadov emphasised the importance of time. Snap elections could happen this Autumn. Mr Mammadov therefore called on to the delegates to act now and require his immediate acquittal. You can watch the complete video below.

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