Rasul Jafarov and the persecution of human rights defenders in Azerbaijan

Rasul Jafarov is an Azerbaijani  lawyer, human rights activist and chairman of the Human Rights Club. In 2014, he was arrested and placed in detention because of  his human rights activities. This was part of a wider crackdown on independent civil society.

Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights

The Court found that the arrest and detention of Mr Jafarov had taken place in the absence of any reasonable suspicion that he had committed an offence. The the actual purpose of his arrest was to punish him for his activities in the area of human rights.

Current situation

Mr Jafarov was freed from jail in 2016. However, his conviction has not yet been overturned. As such, he is unable to practice his profession as a human rights lawyer, or stand in elections. He also waits to be paid in full the compensation awarded by the European Court.

Mr Jaforov is one of many ongoing victims of the persecution of human rights defenders in Azerbaijan.

EIN Activities

EIN has hosted two briefings made to representatives of the Committee of Ministers on Mr Jafarov’s case. These were carried out by EIN member organisation, the European Human Rights Adovcacy Centre (EHRAC).

EIN works closely with EHRAC to advocate strongly for the implementation of Azerbaijani human rights cases.

Useful links to the Rasul Jafarov v Azerbaijan case (Application No 69981/14):