Our Message:

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Help turn judgments into rights.

Judgments are only the beginning of a journey to get better human rights protections.

Your involvement could make all the difference to making sure this happens. This could be by pushing a case forward, calling for better government plans, and by preventing cases from being closed too early.

Let’s start with an example to see why this is so important.

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Reality check

In reality, there was still a huge problem with LGBT assembly in Moldova. Marches kept getting banned. Those that did go ahead had to be abandoned due to the threat of violence and the absence of police protection. The government was wrong: public demonstrations were still impossible.

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Have your say

However, governments are not the only ones who can have a say. NGOs, NHRIs and international bodies can also make submissions to the Council of Europe about what needs to be done (known as “Rule 9 submissions”).

Just as importantly, anyone can help push forward necessary steps to address the violation, by pushing change forward in their country.

There are three main reasons why it’s great to get involved in the implementation process.


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