Join EIN

The network is a group of people and organisations that work with each other to achieve EIN’s vision and mission. They become linked to the network through participation in its activities. 

Organisations and individuals can join EIN by becoming members or by partnering with the network. EIN members shall have a right to participate in EIN’s General Assembly meetings, receive information about EIN activities and actively contribute to the development of the network. EIN partners can participate in and benefit from all EIN activities.

(1) Become a member

EIN membership is open to all civil society organisations or individuals adhering to the founding statute of EIN and working towards effective implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

All membership applications shall be reviewed and approved by the EIN Board, in accordance with the EIN founding statute. Member candidates shall provide the following documents to EIN:

-       Application form, which can be found here 

-       Its founding statute or other relevant documentation demonstrating the applicant’s activities related to EIN goals

-       A brief supporting letter stating (1) the reasons why the organisation or individual wishes to join the EIN, (2) outlining the contribution they can make to EIN and (3) indicating activities they have already undertaken in the field of implementation of ECtHR judgments

Membership applications and accompanying documents should be sent to

(2) Partner with EIN

Organisations and individuals can participate in EIN’s activities (e.g., NGO briefings to the Committee of Ministers or training workshops for lawyers and NGOs working on implementation) and seek support for their implementation-related work from EIN without formal membership. Get in touch with EIN about partnership and participation opportunities at