Failure to protect vulnerable young man's life in psychiatric hospital

Centre for Legal Resources on behalf of Valentin Campeanu v Romania (Appl. No. 47848/08)

Briefed on: 20 February 2017

The case concerns the authorities’ failure to protect the right to life of Mr. Câmpeanu, a young man of Roma origin, orphaned, HIV-positive and diagnosed with profound intellectual disability. The ECtHR found a substantial violation of Article 2 of the Convention in relation to severe shortcomings in the social and medical care afforded to the applicant before his death at the neuropsychiatric hospital. 

  • Rule 9 submission by Georgiana Iorgulescu (Executive Director) and Georgiana Pascu (Programme Manager) of the Centre for Legal Resources (CLR), Romania
  • Action plan of the Romanian Government
  • Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights
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