Discrimination of Roma children in Czech schools

D.H. and others v the Czech Republic (Application No 57325/00)

Briefed on 6 September 2019

In December 2018, the Ministry of Education proposed changes to the Decree on Education of Pupils with Special Educational Needs. In her presentation, Ms Bazalová, from the Office of the Public Defender of Rights, underlined that, should they be adopted, these changes would be problematic, as they would lead to:

1.      The decrease of the maximum number of pedagogical staff per classroom

2.      The establishment of special schools for pupils with various kinds of disabilities

In his presentation, Mr Drahokoupil, from OSF Prague, outlined how reforms since the judgment had had a negligible effect on the numbers of Roma children being sent to special schools. In their recommendations, Mr Drahokoupil and Ms Bazalová therefore called on to the Committee of Ministers to monitor the implementation of the D. H. case until there is a drop in proportion of Roma educated in reduced programmes by 2,88 percent points in 5 consecutive years, starting by the school year 2018/2019.